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The Bosiljčić family is an old Serbian family that lived in the vicinity of Nevesinje in Herzegovina. At the beginning of the 19th century, part of the Bosiljčić family, the father with his sons Avram and Joksim, moved to Gorjane, a village near Užice.

On the property where they moved, around 1820, they started producing brandy. With their honest work and hard work, the Bosiljčić family gained a great reputation in Serbian society, they were prominent in agriculture, art, construction, humanitarian work, and politics. They socialized with influential people in the country and outside its borders.
Through painstaking work, they created and expanded their property, on which they planted plums, apples, pears, grapes, from which they produced the finest brandy and wine, following the technological modernization of the time. They have passed down their long tradition of brandy production from generation to generation.
During the Second World War, in 1943, the year when plums produced well, all the capacities of the Bosiljčić distillery at that time were filled. The German army, on the orders of their superiors at the time, came to the Bosiljčić distillery and burned the houses, all the production and reserves of brandy that had been aging until then. The reason given is that the Bosiljčič family is a Chetnik family that has been for the king and the fatherland for generations. In accordance with the political belief “for the king and the fatherland”, in 1946, the communists declared the Bosiljčić family enemies of the people and without any proof or trial they confiscated the entire property on which there were fruit plantations from which premium brandy was produced.
Left in the burning of their houses, with nothing, the Bosiljčić family set out again for decades to create and restore their remaining estate and family brand. With its prominent efforts in the fields of agriculture, art and construction within its country and beyond its borders, the Bosiljčić family name is once again becoming recognizable.
Thanks to Radomir Bosiljčić, on the property that was not confiscated in 1946, and where our ancestors settled in the early 19th century, the construction of the family castle began in 2000 as a memorial building to tradition and our ancestors, and the construction of the Bosiljčić distillery according to the most modern technological standards. In the same year, with the purchase of the surrounding plots, the planting of trees of 3 varieties of plums (chačanka rodne, požegače and stanley), of which there are about 6,000 today, begins.

In 2004, the Bosiljčić family was rehabilitated by the decades-long effort of its heirs, and in 2018, the partial return of the confiscated property began, on which the fruit plantations used for the production of brandy will be restored. Accordingly, the plan of the Bosiljčić distillery is to plant more than 10,000 plum trees on its plots in the coming years, from which the finest family plum brandy – Excellencija – is produced.

“You are healthy, God bless you” – this is how our ancestors toasted life, health and love.

Distillery Bosiljčić

About the distillery

Distillery Bosiljčić has prochromic fermentors for the simultaneous accommodation of 200 tons of pitted fruit, a column with 5 floors, a deflagrator, an aromatizer and a cauldron of 1500 l indirectly heated by low-pressure steam. The plums for our brandy come from our orchards, which allows us to perform the first technological operation, which is the collection of ripe fruits (falling plums), flawlessly.
The practice at the Bosiljčić distillery is to wash, peel and pit each plum, and after the distillation process, the pure “heart” of brandy goes into a new oak barrel from which it is packaged for consumers.
In order to satisfy the demands of customers, the Bosiljčić family has kept its fruit brandies for aging since 2007 and only now, in 2022, appears on the market with its brandies.

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